We produce bespoke cleaning
agents, laundry detergents
and cosmetics


About us

The joint-stock company PK CHEM, founded in 2000, is a manufacturer and supplier of detergents and cosmetics. The main activity of the company is providing full service in the field of private brands for the retail market as well as for industrial and professional use.

According to customer specifications (type of the product, size and type of packaging, required product characteristics, product quantity and price), our company provides creation, development, adjustment, production and supply. The EU-wide authorisation of the product by appropriate authorities is implied.

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Our products

In our portfolio you can find various types of cleaning agents, laundry detergents and cosmetics. According to your desired specification, we are able to manufacture products in various consistencies (powder, gel, paste, cream…) and deliver it to you in any packaging and design you like.

Laundry detergents and softeners

We produce various kinds of laundry detergents, from washing powders or laundry gels to softeners with a scent of your choice.

Cleaning agents

We produce cleaning agents suitable for cleaning of various surfaces (stainless steel, glass and plastic), as well as special cleaning agents for kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. Lime-scale removers are an inseparable part of our portfolio.


We produce shampoos, hair conditioners, liquid soaps, various creams and ointments. Everything made-to-measure according to your specification.

How the cooperation works

Further information about the ordering process and manufacturing of made-to-measure products:

1. Choose a product type

Choose a type of product from our portfolio that you would like to have manufactured. We produce various types of laundry detergents, cleaning agents and cosmetics.

2. Specify the required parameters

Let us know your budget and we will prepare for you a product with the desired characteristics. Or, specify the product parameters and we will calculate the price for you.

3. Packaging size, design, branding

Choose the size of the packaging and we will have the product manufactured in your chosen design. If you do not have your own brand, we can help with that too.

4. Production pricing and deal conclusion

As soon as we have discussed all details, including the quotation and delivery times of the final products, we can agree terms and start manufacturing.

5. Made-to-measure manufacturing

he delivery times vary depending on the amount and type of the goods as well as the whole complexity of the project. You will always be informed about the delivery times in advance.

6. Delivery of your products

We will deliver the finished products to you via a transport company. If you like, you can arrange the transportation yourself. We believe that you, and you customers too, will be satisfied with our products.


PK CHEM, a.s.

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