In our portfolio you can find various types of cleaning agents, laundry detergents and cosmetics. According to your wish, we are able to manufacture your product in various consistencies (powder, gel, paste, cream…) and deliver it to you in any packaging and design you like.

Laundry detergents and softeners

We produce various kinds of laundry detergents, from washing powders over laundry gels to softeners with a scent of your choice.


Bottle | 2ml – 1000 l

Box | 200g – 7kg

Bag | 100g – 20kg

Big bag | 600 kg | 1000 kg

For coloured clothes

For delicate clothes


For baby clothes

For wool

For white clothes

Universal washing


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Cleaning agents

We produce cleaning agents suitable for cleaning of various surfaces (stainless steel, glass, plastic), as well as special cleaning agents for kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. Lime-scale removers are an important part of our portfolio.


Bottle (optionally with a spray nozzle) | 250 ml – 5 l

Jar (with a sifter) | 500 g

Jar (for granules) | 300 g | 600 g | 1 kg

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom and WC
  • Floor
  • Material

For kitchen

For dishes

For hobs

Liquid sands

Cleaning sands


For bathrooms

For toilets

For stainless steel

Lime-scale removers

For drains



For floors

For laminate

For carpets

For windows and glass

For stainless steel

For laminate floors

For plastic furniture


We produce shampoos, hair conditioners, liquid soaps, various creams and ointments. Everything made-to-measure according to your specification.


Bottle | 2ml – 1000 l

Tube | 600 g | 700 g | 5 kg

Jar (ointments) | 250 ml | 350 ml | 500 ml

Tube (creams) | 70 – 200 ml

Shampoos and conditioners

Shower gels

Liquid soaps

Bath foams

Washing pastes

Washing gels for hands

Massage gels

Facial creams


PK CHEM, a.s.

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